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Farming is core of life.




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Agricultural Guru

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The core product of intel Farming’s solution is the advanced, durable wireless soil info sensor. Soil data collected from these sensors on the farmer’s land is clearly and concisely displayed to the farmer’s dashboard on Intel Farming’s web app. On top of all this is another core feature to our solution which is: Intel Farming’s software that uses Artificial intelligence to predict the farmer’s soil health and resource demands weeks in advance.


Easy to use, low-cost precision farming web app software, and soil info sensors. Sensors will be built and tested to withstand harsh African conditions.


Increase farm productivity per square hectare. Farmers get access to real time soil data they didn’t have before and that will allow them to make the better farming decisions, reducing input cost such as fertiliser and increase land productivity.

“Precision farming increases productivity per square hectare, decreasing wastage with minimal input cost which ultimately transfers into more net profit.”



Future Food security is one of the biggest global concerns that is being and needs to be solved with the goal of sustaining global food consumption in the coming generations. Increasing farming productivity per square hectare is a requirement farmers need to achieve.

sustainable agriculture (funding article


Intel Farming has embarked on a pilot project to help solve this massive problem. Before elaborating any further, let’s set the scene of our agriculture foresight.


“Always remember your focus

determines your reality.”

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Intel Farming at this stage is focusing on unlocking a farmer’s soil data that can then be analyzed in real-time to make accurate, data-driven decisions that impact the farmer’s crop yield in a positive way.


Why donate?:

  • Come and join us. Early in January 2021, our team, Intel Farming was selected to participate in an IoT innovation competition across 6 countries in Africa. Only 30 teams were accepted into this prestige programme, Wazi Hub.

  • We are wanting to be part of solving an important food security problem, and will do this by developing and providing an intelligent, precision soil management solution to farmers. We are developing all of this from the ground up. I am excited to see the final outcome that could potentially impact farmers positively.

  • If you can assist us in achieving our pilot project dreams, then please consider supporting by donating, sharing, and following.