Image by GreenForce Staffing


“Our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply in our life.”

Donating to this pilot project will bring our precision farming vision to life.


It is our goal to provide an essential, easy to use and reasonably priced, precision farming solution to any farmer.


The foundations of our precision farming solution is our advanced wireless soil sensor which will record vital soil data.

This soil data provides the fuel for our Artificial Intelligence software to make accurate predictions about a farm’s soil health and resource demands weeks in advance.


Together with Intel Farming’s Web App, this soil and Artificial Intelligence info will be displayed in a clear concise way allowing the farmer to make precise, accurate, and responsible decisions about irrigation and fertilization per hectare on their farm. Thus allowing the farmer to produce more with less.


With the use of this Intel Farming technology, we could change the face of agriculture for the better.